Missió, visió i valors de SAI

Mission, vision and values ​​of SAI

SAI Inclusive Rental Services was born as an Entrepreneurial Project supervised by Barcelona Activa and Gornal Actiu (2016).

Our professional experience has its origin in the Healthcare sector, specifically in the Orthopedics Guild, where we have successfully developed other business projects.

We have decided to take a step forward and take the reins of our own project, knowing very well what are the concerns, demands and needs of our customers.

We open our company to all people for inclusion in the domestic, tourism, business, leisure and social.

We offer our Inclusive Rental Services:

  • To people who are in an adverse health situation, be it temporary or chronic (illness, accident, disability).
  • To the elderly, in order to improve their mobility, autonomy and, consequently, their quality of life.
  • To the Tourism sector (Hotels, Cruises, Airlines, Agencies, Tour Operators), in order to offer its clients an inclusive service adapted to their most immediate needs.
  • To Event Organizing Companies, Fairs and Congresses, so that they have the advice they need in customer service.
  • To the assembly companies.
  • To Pharmacies and Orthopedics, which do not have logistics infrastructure.

And to all people and companies not previously contemplated and who may require our Inclusive Rental Services

Our benefits:

We offer a quality service and close human treatment, we promote local consumption, we generate options for the inclusion of people in society, as well as fair trade and always in favor of the reuse of materials to be more sustainable.

Our competitive advantage is the person-to-person treatment.

MISSION: Provide proximity services from person to person and facilitate social inclusion through our company.

VISION: Be a leading company in the Proximity Services sector, be a sustainable company, promote solidarity initiatives.


Innovation: Offer new and revolutionary products to our customers

Closeness: The person-to-person treatment is our philosophy.

Honesty: Work with a clear vision of our future being consistent with our philosophy.

Quality: Give maximum quality in our services